Health Hazards (See Johns Hopkins research letter under Files page)


Contaminated storm water runoff


Inadequate safeguards to remove the chicken excrement from the site


Le has no bond, no insurance, and no proof of having the financial ability to clean up the environmental hazards his operation will cause.

Hurricane or other catastrophic weather events spreading the huge volume of excrement and dead chickens all over the community.

Noise, dust, feathers, particles, etc. from ventilation fans

Asthma and other respiratory illnesses


Dead Chicken Disposal

Chicken Manure and Litter Disposal

How long until the ground is saturated with nutrients?

Smell, Odor, Aromas

Heavy Truck Traffic on small roads

Road Degradation

Lost Property Values

Inability to sell our property 

Increased Cancer Rates 

Ground Water Contamination 

Contaminated well water (We are all on wells)

Inadequate Environmental Assessment and monitoring by the USDA FSA

End of Life Decommissioning of the Facility