About Us

We are a predominately African American Community in Pike County, MS under siege by Big Chicken. Mr. Le and Sanderson’s Farms want to put a factory chicken operation in our community that will house almost a million birds a year and generate over 4.5million pounds of chicken excrement a year.


The page is to bring awareness to the growing trend of putting large factory chicken operations in rural, low income, and minority communities.

  • We will highlight what we have discovered about "Big Chicken" in general in Pike County, MS. Home to chicken CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) (takes you to our Files tab here) *Page under construction.

  • We will also highlight the potentially harmful effects the activities would have on the host county residents and resources, and on Pike County in particular (takes you to our Files tab). 

  • Finally, during our research we have found a number of disturbing stories (takes you to our Discussions tab) of what some neighboring residents have experienced.

For those who can attend, please come and support us. For those who cannot attend, please donate by clicking on the "Donate Now" button on the GoFundMe page. Funds are desperately needed. This is not an affluent community, but we have heart and concern for each other. Please share this campaign with family and friends. 

The legal process continues. The Evidentiary Hearing is scheduled for April 2019. Prior to the Hearing, several legal motions must be filed. 

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